Our Values

At Project People we understand the importance of what we do for our clients. At the heart of this is a set of core values which underpins everything we do.

Customer Centric

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Your needs drive the services we offer and the way in which we deliver them. We work in partnership with you, taking time to understand your needs and flex to your challenges. We are your trusted advisor, which means you can count on us.


We continually scan the market place for new and better ways of doing things. This means we have the knowledge and agility to advise you better and to bring the best ways of working to your attention. We have our eye on the future, are flexible and ready to help you transform.


We are known for our collaboration and pride ourselves in being approachable and considerate. We are team players and you are part of our team. Our mindset is inclusive and compassionate which drives open communication and a strong desire to support you.



We set ourselves high standards both for the work we do and the way in which we behave. We are authentic and have integrity, which drives us to want to do the right thing for you. It is important to us to respect others and to operate in an ethical manner. We keep our promises, are thorough and work hard to deliver quality outcomes.


We believe in two way communication! You can rely on us because we are confident in our subject matter and spend time asking the right questions. We want to inspire you and enjoy expressing our passion through our conversations and sense of conviction.


We work hard in everything we do, taking pride in delivering targets, even under pressure. We react dynamically to fast paced environments and are adept at multi-tasking. We are resilient and able to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.


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