Our Team

As a business focused on talent, our authentic values translate within our own team of exceptional people.

A significant strength of Project People is the quality, consistency and pro-activeness of their account management. Candidate quality is very high and ‘turnaround’ times are fast which have been key factors in driving up the customer satisfaction results.

Doug Goodge, Head of Talent Acquisition, Ericsson Region West and Central Europe

The Project People team has made an enormous difference – they have become an integral part of CTIL. Their customer focus is outstanding. They have been brilliant to work with and their support has been invaluable to ensuring CTIL’s success.

Kathy Woodhouse, Head of People, CTIL

They’re precise – they have a process and follow it and even when I go looking for omissions I don’t find any. They’re flexible – they adapt themselves and their processes to provide a solution to almost any problem.

John Kelly, VP of Organisation, GSMA


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