Our specialist consultants have a genuine passion, extraordinary insight and of course access to many contacts within their particular industry. As a client, this level of knowledge should be a prerequisite of any talent partner you choose.

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Telecoms & Content

Telecoms & Content

Communication is driving society, with nearly 5bn connected people and billions more connected things. Faster networks and new applications are changing the world faster than ever before.

Communications and content providers will increasingly partner to deliver smart content, consumer relevance and value added services wherever and whenever the consumer demands.

Project People can provide teams of experts who can drive digital engagement, security and infrastructure, while supporting longer term talent strategies that revamp the entire customer experience.

Project People Advice

Focus on acquiring and building data-oriented technical skills and building a culture that is service, partner and customer obsessed.

9.7 billion

mobile connections forecast by 2020

Mobile core of digital life

Sunil Mittal Chair of Bharti Airtel and GSMA

Companies rarely die from moving too fast and they frequently die from moving too slowly.

Reed Hastings Netflix

IT & Data

IT & Data

Information and technology are driving economic growth. Industries are being disrupted and re-built. Technology is breaking geographic borders. Cloud infrastructure, big data and artificial intelligence are combining to reconfigure the world.

Harnessing information and data and leveraging it to provide brilliant customer experiences and new models of business will be key to organisational success.

Project People Advice

Focus on attracting and growing experts in cloud, AI, data and customer experience. Build an environment then allow them to flourish.



We need jobs, and these jobs have to be created in those areas which promise long-term, highly qualified employment. Digitisation – and how we react to digitisation in Europe – will be essential.

Angela Merkel German Chancellor

Finance & Commerce

Finance & Commerce

Disruption and innovation is revolutionising how we manage money and commerce. A cashless society is becoming reality, where we can make payments at the touch of a button and in an instant. The exchange of money sees blockchain changing the very DNA of traditional systems.

With increased technology comes great benefits but a focus on security and privacy needs to be balanced with the hugely popular new products, services and capabilities.

Leveraging new technology with new skills and creating a culture and competency to ensure that both the consumer and the institution are well protected is key to success.

Project People Advice

Growth in demand for mathematical, computer science and cybersecurity experts combined with quality of management skills to guide through change. Focus on competitive talent acquisition of scarce resources and expand talent pools by gender and geography.

$2 trillion

in ecommerce in 2016 growing to $4 trillion in 2020

Fintech will change the nature of money …and deliver nothing less than a democratic revolution in financial services.

Mark Carney Governor, Bank of England



Energy remains perhaps the most strategic of all sectors. However, sustainability, new fuel sources, scarcity and even geo-politics feature at a macro level.

On a local level, customer choice, energy management applications and consumer reputation are all driving new forms of competition.

Project People can help you translate your chosen business model into a bold talent strategy and manage your resources as you transform the organisation.

Project People Advice

Transforming the organisation to deliver new fuels, via different supply chains into new models of device ownership. Focus on acquiring new skill sets and evolving a new culture to ensure they drive a ‘smart and connected’ business.


of total car market will be electric by 2025

People think of Tesla as an electric car company but the whole purpose of Tesla was to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy.

Elon Musk Tesla

Security & Defence

Security & Defence

National Security has always been driven by investment and major innovations in technology with defence driven applications frequently migrating into the mainstream.

Connected hardware can change the way parties engage, software and cyber security changes the fundamental nature of defence.

Investments in intelligence, pro-active and defensive communications applications, new forms of hardware and force protection, satellite driven and remotely connected devices are just a few examples of technology moving at pace.

Project People Advice

Create a sense of societal purpose that drive employer brands to attract a new breed of talent. Deploy new working patterns to retain and inspire them.

$1.57 trillion

spent on global defence in 2016

Technology is an element of our differential advantage, yet one most easily transferred to our enemies.

Lt Gen HR McMaster US National Security Advisor



To place your business in front of the best talent, and get them engaged, you need to compete in an ever-changing digital world.

As your recruitment partner, Project People will take the time and effort needed to seek out the world’s top technical talent that will help drive your business forward.

Project People Advice

Career change is not always salary motivated for candidates, especially within the digital world.

Be mindful of alternative working environments and work/life balance needs within this sector. That way you can take advantage of the market dynamics.

$177.27 billion

The value of the global digital transformation market in 2016

Most people that we come across can do the job that we’re asking them to do – the key thing for me is if they are a cultural fit. People who are slightly quirky, who have similar interests to us.

Justin Basini CEO, Clear Score



The AI market is growing faster than ever, allowing you to improve the recruitment process and focus more on your biggest asset – your people. AI and automation offer many benefits to enhance your recruitment strategy.

Project People Advice

Change your mindset and embrace change. Although AI is set to replace 16% of jobs within the next 10 years, accept this as an opportunity to improve the way in which you recruit, and enable you to focus more on people and less on tasks.


of employers already use some form of AI in their hiring process

As industries transform, jobs are being created that demand new skills – which in turn requires new approaches to education, training and recruiting.

Ginni Rometty CEO, IBM


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