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Sourcing, engaging, managing and motivating talent has evolved. Technology makes talent borderless – traditional recruitment and performance management methods are being constantly challenged.

Project People provides clients with the next generation of talent consulting, using smart technology to match business needs with human potential.


Our experts deliver best practice in the full range of strategic talent acquisition initiatives to identify high potential candidates for your future business.




By investing in the construction of a unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – the engine behind your Employer Brand, your business will:

  • Stand out from the competition within the global digital marketplace
  • Engage, retain and inspire talent to enhance your organisation’s performance
  • Create an authentic Employer Brand, and in turn, ambassadors to share your employee story

The expert team at Project People will share their knowledge and experience to help you develop an EVP that stands out from the rest.

63% of CEOs are concerned about a shortage in the quality and relevance of skills available to them (highest since 2008) 77% are going to change how they compete for talent in next 12 months.

PWC: CEO Survey 2016


As part of our talent consultancy services, we work closely with our clients to identify the values, knowledge, aptitude, behaviour and cultural fit of your organisation.

These critical behaviours will ultimately determine the success of your business, and will form the criteria by which we measure your future talent.

A good competency framework sits at the heart of your entire talent lifecycle, from entry to succession planning and forms the backbone of your employee capability.


Our experts have a wealth of experience in helping clients to:

  • Align competency and values frameworks to robust measurement tools and recruitment processes
  • Improve existing competencies
  • Design new competency and values frameworks

Project People has 22 years’ best practice experience designing and managing assessment centres to support talent acquisition. From trainees to executive level assessments, our expert assessors can support your business or run centres independently or alongside you.

Our extensive range of assessment exercises are designed to help identify the very best people, whose behaviour, judgement and skill will help shape the culture and commercial success of your business.

We can also work with you to create bespoke tools to reflect roles in your organisation.


Exercises include:

  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Coaching and Negotiation Role Plays
  • Analysis Presentations
  • Group Exercises
  • Problem Solving

Innovative organisations know that character attributes are as vital to successful talent acquisition as education and experience. In fact, people are often hired on experience and fired on behaviour! Research shows that there are significant benefits associated with psychometric testing. These include:

  • Reduced time and cost to hire
  • Improved hiring decisions – avoiding the financial and reputational impact of your business
  • Improved people development
  • Increased diversity by using an objective, evidence-based approach to selection
  • Enhanced employer brand
  • Measured attributes which drive performance and growth

We have qualified experts in a range of tools, and offer streamlined testing processes for interviews and assessment centres – from personality questionnaires to specific skills tests.

Project People is proud to partner with Propel International, who provide an innovative and best-practice portal for our psychometric tests. Assessments can be aligned to a client’s competencies and behaviours framework, with the output as customised reports designed for experts and non-experts alike.


Technology advances in artificial intelligence, mobility and analytics demand a new set of organizational capabilities that will empower a more adaptive, responsive and innovative future workforce.

Mary Lyons, MD Talent & Organization, Accenture


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As your talent partner, our ultimate aim is to deliver an outstanding service. We build strong relationships with our clients so you can relax and reap the rewards.

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Talent Acquisition

We have extensive experience in sourcing and selecting - new, specialist and executive talent. Take advantage of our pioneering technology.


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To ensure we attract top quality talent, Project People speaks regularly to candidates and clients, treating them with respect at all times.

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