Creating Great Content: LinkedIn’s All Grown Up

LinkedIn on its way to create great content!

Why creating great content will get you noticed in the hunt for your next role.

“I’m not securing interviews and am creating many job applications…”

Creating great content is now a must and  LinkedIn is a a great tool for everyone looking to enhance their personal brand. If you’re searching for a new job then you need to keep ahead of the curve. If you’re racing to get ahead of the recruitment herd then you’ll need advice on how to get in the lead – and secure that interview? For example, can you keep up with the incredible amount of content around 5G coming up at the moment? Here’s some advice from us on why content creation is a must if you’re hoping to beat your competitors. We’ll support you and get you noticed by your next employer. Everyone should be creating great content. If you don’t think you need to be creating content, maybe this will help!

“Why is creating great content so vital for LinkedIn…?

In 2016, Microsoft bought the platform, LinkedIn. Back then, it was still emerging into the content hub it’s now become. The tools on offer in LinkedIn are ever-expanding. The message is very much that LinkedIn is no longer just a CV library, or a job board. It’s become something significantly more mature.

The success of the platform was based initially, in its ability to match great people with top jobs. However, the enduring trust in the platform may be due to the amount of shareable content it now contains. The subsequent use of this content by the platform’s user base has been a major factor in its recent growth.

To fully promote its content library, LinkedIn have put together sales and marketing tools designed to boost effectiveness. Specific blogs, white-papers and articles are delivered and presented to the users who’ll benefit from the information within them. Tools like this make LinkedIn not just a content sharing site, but an intelligent factory. By diverting relevant content to particular users at the right times, you’re able to encourage maximum absorption of the content on offer.

“What do the content changes mean?”

In many ways, it’s as though LinkedIn has reached its adolescence. Now is a great time to be creating great content through the LinkedIn platform. You can do this safe in the knowledge that it’s going to be accessed by the right people, at the right time.

The algorithms within LinkedIn and the data being collected, ensure that over time, the platform has gotten much better at understanding who’ll absorb what, and when. For the average user, this allows you to browse the platform, comfortable that whatever you read and absorb will be pertinent to you. Taking hold of this content resource in turn promotes LinkedIn to other users by harnessing your network. If you know you’ll be able to browse content for 10 minutes or so, knowing that through search, and the analytics its taking, LinkedIn will be able to direct you to content you’re bound to find engaging and relevant…

“Creating great content… Like who?”

Bona fide influencers like Gary Vee, Mark Gaisford and Michaela Alexis have all identified, is that LinkedIn is the place to be for all things personal marketing!

So often, we hear questions from candidates such as:

“What can I be doing to set myself apart from the crowd?”

“How do I demonstrate my skills and abilities in a way that disrupts the norm?”

These are big, tough questions with 1 solution: and that’s CONTENT. If you’re a 5G specialist or you’re an ace Project Manager, you’re up against heavy competition. As soon as you submit a conventional, traditional CV application and no matter how awesome the cover letter you submit, it’s the additional content you can supply which’ll set you apart from the crowd.

It starts with a 500-600 word blog post. If you’ve got an opinion on ANYTHING business-pertinent, then create that blog, either on MS Office and upload it, or within LinkedIn itself. You create it, you post it. Then all you need to do is copy the URL to the blog post. Once you’ve hyperlinked that post in your CV or covering letter – BOOM, you’ve set yourself apart from the herd.

So often we hear feedback and receive chaser-calls from candidates and applicants. Some of these have been dismayed that they’ve been passed over at the CV-submission stage. 9 times out of 10 it’s because their CV would have been the 11th choice for a recruiter who stopped mining for CVs once they found the 10 great CVs that they got through to and sparked a conversation with.

“And this ‘great’ result will be…?”

Creating great content for your profile nudges you up the search ranks. It’ll indicate to the LinkedIn algorithm that you’re a more serious candidate in the field. And it’ll reward you for contributing that content to the huge content pool it manages. The reward is that you’re more likely to be seen and you’ll set yourself apart from the top 10 candidates before you’ve even arrived for your interview. Content PLUS Attention EQUALS Personal Branding

Imagine you’re trying to recruit for a role and you have 2 candidates. Those candidates are near-identical in CV-calibre, but 1 has a piece of video content on their LinkedIn profile, and the other doesn’t. Imagine being able to hear a 3 minute overview of a popular topic within the field. You’d get a great sense of the person in the video. You’d see the passion and the knowledge they have of the topic in question, and the ability with which they command the presentation of that topic. Once you’ve seen a piece of copy like that, you’ll have much more reassurance that the individual in that film knows their stuff! You’ll be confident as to whether this is a person you’d be happy to speak with, face to face.

Might be, you’re struggling to get in front of people for interview. If so, then add a short content item to your LinkedIn profile. Share it and comment on similar posts. Link it and send it everywhere you can. You’ll get noticed! LinkedIn’s all grown up and it’s time to start paying it the attention it’s earned.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more information from Project People on personal branding, securing interviews and creating great content.

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