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Creating Great Content: LinkedIn

“I’m not securing interviews and am creating many job applications…” Creating great content is now a must and  LinkedIn is a a great tool for everyone looking to enhance their personal brand. If you’re searching for a new job then you need to keep ahead of the curve. If you’re racing to get ahead of […]

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International Women’s Day

The Advancement of International Women’s Day International Women’s Day came about in the early 1900’s and March 8th was nominated to be the date that women were celebrated, annually. It is now largely acknowledged in many countries and is even an official holiday in around 24 countries including Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cambodia and Zambia, […]


 AI in Recruitment

Starting with the way the world looked 80 years ago, we look into the technological changes we will be facing over the next 80 years. Our insights team take a view of the way artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world of recruitment, and what these changes will mean to any organisation hiring staff in […]


Why Your AI Strategy Won’t Work

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but time is up… We all need to come up with a timescale of when you’re going to let AI into your business. Now, we’ve already done this and we’re hot to trot. But you’re going to need to trust us – AI is the way […]

Ashleigh Wells

Potential UK Job Losses to Robots

Since the late 50s humanity has dreamed of being able give mundane, manual task-based jobs, to robots. Offloading repetitive jobs to machines which will free up our time and allow us to concentrate on creating new ideas and technologies, and theoretically, allowing us to step into the future through huge gains in ‘free time’ leading […]

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